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Folk tale : The Young Fox -

The Young Fox

The Young Fox

"You may hunt with me now, Reynard," said a wise old fox to his young son. "It is time that you were beginning to make your living."

"That pleases me well," said Reynard. "I should not mind going out alone."

"You are not ready yet to go by yourself. There are many things that I must teach you first. Do not go without me."

Reynard said nothing, but the next day, when his father was asleep, he went out into the field and brought home a nice, fat partridge.

He wakened his father by a quick bark and said, "See what I have caught. I do not need to go with you."

"You do not know what you need," replied his father. "No wise fox hunts in the daytime."

But Reynard did not mind what his father said, and every day he went out hunting. He killed so many chickens, turkeys and ducks that everyone tried to catch him.

One night the old fox started out alone, but Reynard crept slowly after him. The old fox went toward a large farmhouse. He stopped suddenly in the path and waited; then he ran on quickly.

Reynard followed. He stopped at the same place where the old fox had stopped.

"What is this?" he said. "A fine white turkey down in the grass! Well, well, is my father losing his sharp sight and his keen scent? I shall not let such a prize get away from me!"

He sprang upon the turkey. The trap gave a loud snap, and Reynard was a prisoner.

"What a fool I am!" he said. "I saw the bait. My father saw the trap."

(from Fifty Famous Fables , by Lida Brown McMurry)

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